Quality is helping others in need

Each year, the staff at Melbourne Pathology select one charity to support through fundraising events. All proceeds go directly to that chosen charity. Our major fundraiser is the end-of-year Staff Charity Ball.

In 2018, we supported Drought Angels. Drought Angels assist farming families affected by natural disasters Australia-wide. Their level of support consists of providing stock feed, financial support and local produce vouchers from within the communities, moral support through personal face-to-face or phone contact and referrals to other support networks. Drought Angels not only believe in supporting the farmer but also the local businesses, who are subsequently affected by the drought.

Melbourne Pathology also supports one other staff selected charity each year in lieu of Christmas gifts. In 2018, we made a charitable donation to StreetSmart.

As a medically-led organisation, Sonic Healthcare has an additional role to play in helping to improve the healthcare and lives of people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged areas- such as in the Goma region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan. Sonic’s Catalyst Program helps communities develop locally based,  self-sustaining pathology and radiology services by providing training, equipment and support to local hospitals and their staff. We also provide funding, materials and support for a variety of community projects, especially those that focus on the welfare of women, children and Indigenous communities.

Sonic Healthcare Environmental Policy Commitment

As part of Sonic Healthcare, Melbourne Pathology recognises our corporate responsibility to respect and improve the environment in which we work and live. Our company is committed to meeting all relevant regulatory and legislative environmental requirements, to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance and to prevent pollution. In addition, we are committed to identifying and reducing waste and our consumption of resources providing education and training for our staff on environmental matters disaster mitigation through emergency planning to reduce adverse environmental outcomes.

Our management understands its responsibility with regard to protecting our environment and will work to enable employee commitment and involvement that increases environmental awareness. This will, in turn, greatly assist continual improvement.

In accordance with the Sonic Values of "Demonstrating Responsibility and Accountability" and "Enthusiasm for Continuous Improvement", our environmental policy includes a commitment to transparency of compliance. We will establish and maintain procedures which specify our environmental objectives and targets and facilitate their regular review.

We will assume a leadership role in our diagnostic practices by encouraging our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to mirror our commitment to environmental responsibility.