Dr Lynette Waring


Special Practice Responsibilities

Director of Microbiology and Immunoserology



Phone number

03 9287 7475

Email: lynette.waring@mps.com.au

Dr Waring graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1985 and commenced several years of paediatric training. She then trained in Medical Microbiology at Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and completed an Infectious Diseases Fellowship at Stanford University Medical School in the United States and received her FRCPA in Medical Microbiology in 1995.

After 18 months of research at WEHI on DNA vaccines, Dr Waring worked as a Medical Microbiologist at Dorevitch Pathology for several years. She worked in California for Chiron on the development of inhalational antibiotics, and the meningococcal Gp B vaccine, and was Director of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs for Microbiology at Roche Molecular Systems.

Dr Waring returned to Australia initially working as a Medical Microbiologist at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women in Perth before returning to Melbourne early in 2010 to join Melbourne Pathology as the Director of Microbiology and Immunoserology. Her special interests include new diagnostic methods, infection control, antibiotic resistance, antenatal infections, mycology and parasitology.