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This Pathological Life

 A podcast by Clinpath Pathology


"Every disease has its own story to tell" - Dr Travis Brown

The podcast series brings to life the spectrum of general pathology topics by delving into each through the lens of historical aspects of disease, community impact of chronic illness, study or research threads, and topical areas of interest.

Podcast host Steve Davis is joined by our Clinpath's resident Pathologist Dr Travis Brown. Dr Travis Brown is a General Pathologist who enjoys working in the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Anatomical Pathology, and Haematology. Our podcast host Steve Davis, is a seasoned radio interviewer and podcaster. Aside from running his own marketing company, he is a public speaker, stand-up comedian, and journalist. 

Where to listen

By listening to the streams provided below you can join Steve, Dr Brown, and their guests as they discuss topics such as 'A pox on both your houses' – about small pox; 'A pathological addiction'; 'What is pathology?' and much more!

Or, you can find them on your favourite services iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Updated Friday, 13 October 2023