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 Test information brochures for clinicians


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Film review criteria (FBE)
  • Ongoing technological improvements mean you can have confidence in the automated cell counters to select samples requiring a film. 
  • As such, film reviews for FBEs are only necessary if they are required to answer a specific question or convey previously unknown information back to the referrer. 
All about the COVID-19 test
  • As for all tests, the sensitivity and performance of the test is dependent on receipt of a good quality specimen.
  • The COVID-19 PCR test is a molecular test that detects specific targets of RNA for the virus that causes COVID-19.
Excellence in Skin Cancer Diagnosis (Sonic Skin Dx)
  • Excellence in skin cancer diagnosis and management requires a collaborative approach between the referring doctor and the reporting histopathologist to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • The strength of Sonic Skin Dx lies in its unique mix of local expertise and national collaboration. All dermatopathology is performed by local expert histopathologists, who regularly collaborate with national colleagues to maintain excellence in skin pathology reporting.
Sonic Dx
  • View pathology results and reports anywhere, anytime.
  • Sonic Dx makes it easy to securely view pathology results using any web-connected device. Enhanced features include improved results display, custom view reports, cumulative results and report sharing to facilitate patient management and follow-up.
Addressing challenges in the new CST program
  • Australia commenced the new cervical screening program in December 2017 using HPV primary screening. As expected, with such a significant change, the transition has not been without its challenges.
  • This update addresses ongoing issues including: Ordering tests, assigning risk to symptomatic patients and enhanced patient summaries
Sonic Edu (Sonic Pathology Handbook online)
  • Keeping you informed about pathology testing.
  • Sonic Edu is the centralised app for all of our educational information, and has now been expanded to include the Sonic Skin Pathology Handbook.
Laboratory tests for allergy
  • Testing for IgE to specific allergens (“RAST” testing) is an important step in the diagnosis of allergy.
  • This information provides a summary of how this testing can be best utilised and outlines the cost of testing.
  • Due to Medicare funding constraints, the laboratory is unable to accept bulk billing requests for more than very basic allergy testing requests
Medicare criteria requirements for rebate
  • Most pathology tests automatically qualify for a Medicare rebate; however, for some tests, Medicare requires that the patient satisfy certain clinical criteria before the rebate applies, or limits the frequency of testing, or both. Some tests do not qualify for a rebate under any circumstances.
Anti D administration information
  • Melbourne Pathology currently provides antenatal Anti-D prophylaxis for Rhesus negative pregnant women as recommended by the current RANZCOG guidelines.
Lactose intolerance testing
  • Sonic Genetics through Melbourne Pathology now offers a genetic test to assist in the diagnosis of lactose intolerance in both children and adults.
Pharmacogenomic testing
  • Pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing allows you to personalise your patient’s medication according to their genetic variation.
  • This has been shown to improve clinical outcomes by enhancing therapeutic efficacy and improving clinical safety
Cardiology services
  • Providing a quality, comprehensive ECG, Holter Monitor and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) Service
Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure (ABP) measurements give a better prediction of clinical outcome than clinic or casual blood pressure measurements.
  • ABP monitoring (ABPM) is a specialised technique requiring validated monitors and appropriate quality control measures.