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Sharon collecting sfs

Home visiting service

Home visiting is a unique service provided by Melbourne Pathology.

A home visiting service is available for ill and infirm patients requiring specimen collection or electrocardiograph tracings and includes visits to aged care facilities.

You must remain at home on the day of your scheduled visit. If your circumstances change and you know you will not be home on the appointed day, please phone us on 9287 7700 so we can re-schedule your visit.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an appointment time due to the urgent nature of some doctor requests and hospital visits which take priority.

When your doctor arranges your home visit, we will know if you are fasting or have any special requirements prior to your tests. In these circumstances our staff will attempt to visit you as early in the day as possible.


Home visiting bookings can be made by the patient or carer, or by the doctor or clinic staff. ‘Home visit’ must be stated on the referral by the doctor.
To book a home visit for a patient, call (03) 9287 7700 and select option 2.

COVID-19 and staff health during home visits

The health and safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us. We kindly request you notify us if you are unwell at home with respiratory symptoms. We will reschedule your home visit.