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Sonic Dx results

Sonic Dx is a web-based application that facilitates direct access to Melbourne Pathology's secure database from ANY location.  

  • No need for additional software
  • Web browser approach ensures new features are immediately available
  • Password protected with encrypted transmissions
  • Provides you with a history of all accesses
  • Creation of cumulative reports and graphs
  • All data is backed up and long-term availability assured

Sonic Dx login

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Electronic result download


Fetch is our dedicated software program which enables you to download your Melbourne Pathology results using an existing internet connection.

The downloading of results is initiated by the Fetch User Interface and can be scheduled to automatically download at pre-set intervals, or alternatively, the user can request an immediate download at any time.

The downloaded results are stored in a location where the user's Practice Management System can access them and import them into its database where they become accessible to the practitioner.

Electronic Ordering

Electronic Ordering is available for practices who are using Medical Director or Best Practice as their Practice Management System and Fetch. Please contact Client IT for more information on 03 9287 7731.

Email Client IT

Fetch installer

Download and activate the Teamviewer Quicksupport Client for the Dr IT Services Team to install Fetch.

Download Teamviewer