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Supporting clinicians with Telehealth pathology requests

Melbourne Pathology offers a number of ways for doctors to request pathology for telehealth patients. Using one of the options below, generate a pathology referral form to Melbourne Pathology.

Complete an eOrder using PMS

In order to use this option, eOrdering must be activated on Best Practice or Medical Director for Telehealth.

Click on the brochures below for further information and contact our Client IT team at or your Business Development Manager.

Telehealth eOrdering with Best Practice

Telehealth eOrdering with Medical Director

Sonic Dx eOrdering

Sonic Dx eOrdering makes ordering pathology for Telehealth patients easy. You must have a Sonic Dx account to order this way. Simply register at

Click on the link below to find out more about Sonic Dx eOrdering.

Sonic Dx eOrdering

Download an interactive referral form

Click on the link below to open the Melbourne Pathology interactive referral. Save the PDF file to your computer first, then complete and save for your patient.

Melbourne Pathology interactive referral



Melbourne Pathology offers PreCollect whereby doctors can email a patient's pathology referral to or fax it to (03) 9287 7959. A mobile number for the patient must be included so we can send them an SMS with a link to their referral. 

Find out more about PreCollect

Submit a Telehealth request online

Click here to complete a digital form.

Submit the completed page to automatically send your electronic pathology request form to our PreCollect team.

A referral form will be sent to your patient via SMS.

For patients

If your doctor delivers a Telehealth consult over the phone or online, they may email you your pathology referral, or they may send the referral to Melbourne Pathology and you will receive an SMS for us with a barcode and a link to your referral. You can bring your phone with the barcode  or referral (your date of birth will open the referral) to any Melbourne Pathology collection centre convenient to you.

Please note: some specialised tests are only performed at specific collection centres and some collections require a booking. Please use the test filters when searching for a collection centre.

Melbourne Pathology collection centre locations