Supporting clinicians with Telehealth pathology requests

As many clinicians are now performing consults online or via telephone, Melbourne Pathology has released an electronic referral (PDF editable).

For clinicians

Clinicians can utilise the Melbourne Pathology electronic referral below. This can be completed and saved and then emailed to the patient. 

Patients can attend any Melbourne Pathology collection centre convenient to them and should be referred to our website for locations.

The patient can then either print the referral if they have the facilities to do so, or email it to the collection centre when they arrive. The collector will give them the branch email address upon arrival.

Click here for Melbourne Pathology A4 electronic referral

How to create an electronic signature (Digital ID)
When completing the electronic referral, you will be asked to ‘sign’ in the Doctor’s signature. The first time, you will need to create an electronic signature (Digital ID). The link below steps you through creating an electronic signature in Adobe Reader for the first time. Once created, you can then use the same signature to ‘sign’ all referrals.

Create an electronic signature

For patients

If your doctor delivers a Telehealth consult over the phone or online, they will email you your pathology referral. You can print this off and bring it to any Melbourne Pathology collection centre convenient to you. If you don’t have the facilities to print, please keep the referral on email and you can email it to our collection centre upon arrival (the collector will give you the email address).
Melbourne Pathology collection centre locations

Home visits

For information about home visits during this time, please click the link below.

Click here for home visit information