Sonic Dx
Sonic Dx is a revolution in mobile results access. This feature-rich app is fast, easy to use and intuitive. It has been developed especially for mobile devices, giving doctors rapid access to results when and where you need them.

Sonic Dx is now availale on desktop!

Click here to find out more about Sonic Dx.

Melbourne Pathology's Fetch! is an internet-based application that electronically sends pathology results to your practice. 

Fetch! provides a secure and readily accessible method of delivering patient results and works to complement your existing work practices.

Results can be downloaded manually and/or automatically. The automatic downloading of results can be arranged at the time of Fetch! installation.

For enquiries regarding Fetch! please contact your Client IT representative by email or on (03) 9287 7731.

Webster has now ceased*. For enquiries please contact your Client IT representative by email or on
(03) 9287 7731.

*Only Infection control users will continue to use Webster.  

Webster can also be accessed via your iPhone as Sonic Dx. For more information, please click here.